About PALS

PALS is an acronym for People Assets Learning Services (India) Pvt Ltd. We are a tightly knit, small group of IT professionals, each with 30 years of industry experience.

While the world of employers is always hunting for talented people, we at PALS have dedicated ourselves to creating the next generation of professionals who will be competent technically and behaviourally.

Our 3 programs - Poorna, PariPoorna and SamPoorna are designed to be outcome oriented creating class professionals who are equipped with:

  • Skills in programming tools
  • Knowledge in software development methodologies
  • Skills in Planning & Estimating
  • Skills in Presentation & Reporting
  • Passion for continual learning

Do you have what it takes to be the Next Gen IT Professional

Becoming an exceptional coder takes a lot of practice and determination. Earlier you start the better – wonderful if you are a 2nd or 3rd year degree student. It requires one to sit at a workstation for long hours and engage in problem solving.

The good news is once you develop the habit to work for long hours and the habit to solve problems then coding computer applications becomes your second nature. There are a few key areas that once mastered, can make the job a lot easier. In this boot camp you learn the key elements of becoming a successful programmer – Requirements-Gathering, Understanding the SRS, the Design, UI, Coding, Testing, Debugging, Project – Planning, Estimating, Presentation and Reporting.

Building skills in these Key Result Areas and later making them a habit, you can pass technical and HR interviews and become strong contenders for lucrative jobs.

To take in graduates from Engineering, Sciences, Arts and Commerce and train them to become consummate (POORNA) IT professionals 
We will expect the participant to have some basic skills in the English language, Math and computers
We will start with these basic ingredients, mix them well with intensive sessions of Java, PHP, Python, News Reading, Presentation, Planning, Reporting and Blogging

Our service - Your success

Skills in 3 key programming tools

Practical hands-on learning and project developement using PHP , Java and Python from scratch

Improve Soft Skills

Soft skills include creativity, analytical thinking, multitasking, verbal and written communications, time management and leadership

Skills in multi-layer Interviewing

Feel confident to face Interviews- Decision makers interviews,Steps to clear Preinterviewing evaluations, Clearly communicating requirements, Interview Training

Skills in Project Communication

Learn to Facilitate team development,be used throughout the software development process, save on creating additional project documentation

Skills in Project Developement Methodology

Requirements Gathering, digesting an SRS and application design, designing User Interfaces, data dictionary ,table Design and implementing business logic

Presentation Skills

Practicing public presentation, organising the Presentation Material, presenting to groups and conferences, group discussions

Let's Work Together!


Get to know and explore the Project work
done by our students

Our Team

Mr. Amitabh Ojha

37 years experience in the IT industry.Serial CTO of several succcessful technology comapnies-Moving Walls,Times Internet,SirionLabs,NetAmbit. Has engineered several award winning software applications.

Mr.Nagesh Paila

30 years of experience in Software industry working with leading companies namely TCS, Interwoven, Autonomy and HP.A Business Development Strategist and has been a motivating force for all our development.

Mr. Amarnath Hari

30 years' experience in Learning & Development in the IT industry gained in Delhi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia

Mr. Krishna Palakodeti

24 years' experience in the IT industry in domestic and international (UK,Germany, New Zealand) geography.


Novice to Skill to Competent